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Certification Supervisor

Posted 2 months ago
Application ends: November 1, 2021
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Job Description

  • Lead the approval of CCC, Food Contact, RoHS and other legislation required to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • 负责CCC,食物接触,Rohs及其他相关法规性认证工作。

  • To place on test, monitor progress and analyze the results of all compliance tests for new products, C&A, and components as part of Quality validation and New Product Development processes.
  • 关注认证过程,分析测试结果,为新品,C&A及零部件开发提供验证输入。

  • To liaise with all relevant 3rd party laboratories to ensure work is completely in timely manner.
  • 负责与所有相关第三方实验室维持良好合作关系,确保认证工作及时完成。

  • Prepare all supporting paperwork/reports to communicate the conclusions of testing the relevant teams in the company.
  • 准备所有支持性文件/报告,确保测试结论传达至公司相关团队。

  • To initiate and coordinate corrective actions relating to all non-conformances found during testing and conclude them in the shortest possible time.
  • 负责启动和协调所有在测试过程中发现的不合格的纠正措施,并在尽可能短的时间内完成。

  • To maintain company reporting databases with respect to completeness and accuracy of content for the benefit of all users.
  • 维护公司报告数据库的完整性和准确性,以利于所有使用者。

  • Monitoring and supporting validation on ECN approval to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • 监控及支持ECN的验证工作确保变更的合规性

  • Lead team members from Dealers to complete Gas license in the cities which needed by Sales team.
  • 负责组织,协调来自于经销商的团队成员完成销售团队需要的城市燃气备案工作。