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Electrical Supervisor – Sbm Operations

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Application ends: November 9, 2021
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Location: SWS, Shanghai, Contract to 31st Mar.2022

  • Maintain and adjust the condition of electrical assets: (Systems, Equipment, UPS, Batteries, Generators Switchboards, Motors, Wiring, Portable tools etc) 1 Comply with relevant authorisation procedures, safe working practices and specific instructions. 2 Complete maintenance in an agreed timescale, using safe and appropriate methods and agreed procedures. 3 Ensure resources and spares are planned for and used cost effectively. 4 Ensure the correct, current operating requirements are available for reference. 5 Ensure any assets which have been maintained or had parameters adjusted still comply with specified operating requirements with minimum disruption and with the specified methods, tools and materials. 6 Monitor and record any maintenance or adjustments accurately in work history in MMS. 2) Monitor And Assess The Performance And Condition Of Electrical Assets. 1 Obtain information or parameters from reliable sources using specified methods. (Inspection ports, connections, vendor documentary information, instrument readings, diagnostic equipment.) 2 Use monitoring equipment or procedures correctly to assess the condition of electrical assets 3 Ensure monitoring and checks are carried out in line with specified MMS timescales and schedules. 4 Record and communicate monitored outcomes accurately and in timely fashion to raise the effect iveness of MMS. 5 Compare current performance with previous assessments and take action where differences must be addressed. 3) Diagnose Faults in Electrical Assets. 1 Respond promptly to problems in line with approved procedures. 2 Select appropriate tests and diagnostic procedures and apply them methodically. 3 Clarify the nature of problems with electrical assets. 4 Determine the cause and extent of problems in the performance and condition of electrical systems or assets. 5 Use the results of inspections to determine the appropriate actions to take. 6 Record an accurate and full description in the appropriate document history 4) Monitor and Maintain Pollution Control Measures. 1 Sample and check that controlled process discharges from area of responsibility to the environment are within prescribed limits 2 Identify and halt unplanned discharges where possible, and reported immediately according to policy, procedure and regulation. 3 Equipment, waste or other materials for disposal are dealt with according to the correct procedure 4 Resources such as PPE materials tools and spares are not wasted or used inefficiently 5) Manage and Supervise effectively 1 Establish effective relationships with colleagues and subcontractors. 2 Establish scope of work clearly (briefings, toolbox talks, presentations.) 3 Plan and control use of resources effectively. (Personnel, time, materials, transport, IT). 4 Objective and consistent in assessment and appraisal of subordinates and subcontractors. 5 Make recommendations and improvements in working practices for greater safety, efficiency and profitability. 6) Emergency Response (See Station Bill) 1 Carry Out Emergency Response Role 2 Demonstrate competence during Emergency Response Drills and training exercises,.