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Lab Technician – HVAC

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Application ends: November 6, 2021
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Job Description

Employment Status:RegularTime Type:Full timeBUILDING A WORLD CLASS TEAM STARTS WITH YOU

At the heart of CSA Group is a vision: making the world a better, safer, more sustainable place. It’s been part of our mission for nearly one hundred years: from the first engineering standard for railway bridges developed in 1919, to more than 3,500 standards, codes & related products today.

Headquartered in Canada, with a global footprint of more than 30 labs and offices across Europe, Asia and North America, CSA Group tests, inspects and certifies a wide range of products – from every day househould items to leading edge technology-to meet exacting requirements for safety, performance and environmental impact.

Our employees take pride in making a difference in people’s lives through the work that we do. We’re looking for people like you to help make it happen.

Job Summary

Pr i m ary Func t i on

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Pr i nc i pa l Du t i e s & Re s pon s i b ili t i es

  • Assumes total responsibility for the completion of assigned projects within negotiated time and cost schedules.
  • Provides Certifiers with pre-job analysis to aid in the expediting of assignments in the laboratory. When requested, provides staff in other departments with technological assistance and guidance on products in the incumbent’s specialized field. Incumbent analyses all incoming work orders to the laboratory section and schedules work as required.
  • Processes and conducts all work for a considerable number and variety of assigned product certification to ensure they are completed efficiently to applicable standards. Reviews results of junior staff with respect to product specifications for work conducted. Evaluates client’s test facilities and testing capabilities for compliance to CSA requirements when required.
  • Responsible for test results and laboratory equipment in a highly technological and specialized laboratory product group. Independently analyzes complex devices and equipment to determine compliance to applicable requirements.
  • Selects applicable tests for certification and oversees same in the laboratory section and / or at the client’s facilities. Assists the Certifier when contacting the client. Independently maintains direct client contact, writes letters, telephone and visit clients. Advises and explains to the client certification evaluations, procedures and requirements in the incumbent’s specialized field of expertise.
  • Performs specialized duties for the management staff as assigned. Contributes to the development and implementation of requirements for
  • new and / or revised standards, bulletins or laboratory practices; makes recommendations for, and assists the management staff regarding laboratory equipment, budget considerations, efficiency, and improvements in the lab.
  • Acts as a mentor for Laboratory Tech, Laboratory Tech I and Laboratory Tech II and performs other duties as assigned by the Manager, Senior Lab Tech or TA.
  • Maintains good housekeeping of tools, equipment and work area following tests and carry out assigned laboratory clean-up duties
  • Builds any special fixtures needed to execute testing protocols
  • Occasionally, may perform certification work similar to a Certifier II or III.
  • Responsible for maintaining quality and consistency of lab equipment
  • Responsible for follow-up for any non-conformances as a result of routine calibration.
  • Responsible for the integrity of customer samples while in the lab as per DQDs.
  • Assists in laboratory audit process.
  • Interacts with clients and agencies involved in project work
  • May do field trips and performs test work at manufacturer’s facilities as required.
  • Generally given complex assignments.
  • Performs others duties as assigned by Manager or Project Manager.


Preferred Educa t i on & Exper i ence

  • Technical Certificate or equivalent education and experience
  • Associates degree in Engineering Technology OR
  • Associates degree with 6-8 years proven competency in a technical capacity with CSA or equivalent practical experience OR
  • Non-degree with 11-13 years proven competency in a technical capacity with CSA or equivalent practical experience
  • 8-10 years of related experience
  • Strong knowledge of working with test and measurement instruments and equipment, such as: oscilloscope, power supplies, multi meters, power analyzers and chart recorders; operation of machines such as drills, table saw, band saw, bending machines
  • Expert knowledge in all national / international standards through research of standards, documentation, bulletins and technical articles in area of specialty
  • Thorough knowledge of Standards and testing procedures
  • Thorough knowledge of CSA certification options, programs and services applicable to a variety of equipment
  • Must be able to read, interpret and develop engineering drawings and test data.
  • Must have some knowledge of Laboratory instrumentation, including operating principles and calibration procedures, as well as general Laboratory procedures.
  • Ability to manage difficult or unusual projects simultaneously and meet promised delivery dates
  • Must be team-oriented with good interpersonal skills and abilities to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Must be self-motivated and client-service oriented.
  • Demonstrated systematic problem-solving ability.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, prioritize, follow-through and evaluate assigned functions and duties.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independent of supervision.
  • Good communication skills and ability to provide feedback to less experienced personnel when needed.
  • Strong organizational, time and project management skills to complete job tasks independently and in a time-efficient manner
  • Technical report writing
  • Computer proficiency (Word processing, Microsoft Word, Excel); keyboarding
  • Use of various lab equipment, instruments and tools