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MST Cell Culture Engineer

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Application ends: November 11, 2021
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Job Description

BeiGene continues to grow at a rapid pace with challenging and exciting opportunities for experienced professionals. When considering candidates, we look for scientific and business professionals who are highly motivated, collaborative, and most importantly, share our passionate interest in fighting cancer.

Job Description

  • Responsible for preparing the WI, SOP and PQ files of related upstream equipment.
  • 准备上游设备WI、SOP和PQ文件。
  • Responsible for the validation of related upstream equipment,including IQ,OQ and PQ .
  • 参与上游设备的IQ、OQ、PQ等验证。
  • Perform upstream process operation according to process description.
  • 按照工艺规程进行上游工艺操作。
  • Closely communicate and cooperate internally with purification and formulation teams and externally with PD and DS to ensure Regional and Functional Teamwork.
  • 内部与纯化和制剂团队,跨部门与工艺开发和原液部门保持紧密沟通合作,从而确保无界协作。
  • Take part in upstream process technology transfer of internally or externally authorized projects from late clinical stage to commercial production. Activities include planning, raw materials and equipment ordering, formulation of upstream downsizing and scale-up strategy, writing of documents.
  • 活动包括计划、原材料和设备订购,上游缩小和放大策略的制定,文件撰写。
  • Prepare relevant documents for technology transfer projects.
  • 撰写技术转移相关文件
  • Any other assignment as is determined by supervisor.


Qualification Required

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry, etc.
  • 本科或以上学历,药学,生物学或化学专业
  • Familiar with upstream culture techniques and scale up of Mab, including cell thaw, cell expansion, culture and harvest, and can skillfully operate relevant bioreactors.
  • 熟悉上游细胞培养技术及工艺放大,包括细胞复苏,扩增,培养及收获等,熟练操作相关生物反应器。
  • Good communication and the ability to address and investigate problems.
  • 良好的沟通和处理、分析问题的能力。
  • At least 5 years of practical experience in Bio-pharmaceutical industry. 医药行业 5 年以上生物制药经验
  • Good English and computer skills. 英语水平良好,会熟练使用电脑

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