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Painting Production Supervisor

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Application ends: November 16, 2021
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Job Description

Manage people

  • Be responsible for induction of all newcomers in his/her perimeter (temporaries included). Ensure the organization and scheduling of training actions.
  • Analyse flexibility and multiskills needs of his/her APZ, and define training plans in order to develop team autonomy and improvement spirit.
  • Monitor certification process for each operator and update in real time flexibility grid.
  • Manage daily: absenteeism, holidays, safety rules enforcement, environment risk analysis, APZ communication & performance boards update.
  • Ensure respect of standard stops (breaks, meetings) by checking systematically on genba, and validate operators working time.
  • Ensure that standards of reaction are applied with rigor (eg. KOSU) and perform escalation according to standards.
  • Follow up APZ main objectives in monthly meetings with all people under his/her responsibility.
  • Is responsible for personnel involvement and ensure a positive social climate.
  • Conduct operators’ annual appraisals, as well as salary review and career interviews.

Maintain standards

  • Perform OJT of his/her teams every day on standards implemented.
  • Ensure enforcement of health, safety, environmental & site rules for the APTs of its perimeter, and that anybody entering his/her perimeter respect the rules and standards of his/her perimeter.
  • Ensure existence of updated working instructions for every station, including reworks.
  • Ensure respect of all working standards (safety, work instructions, quality, 5S, respect of the product, OK start …) during the operations and propose/ implement improvements.
  • Define work standards with the help of support functions and operators.
  • Ensure ERIM standards are properly deployed and used : abnormalities detection (formalized on red tags), systematic inspection & regular cleaning of equipment by team, 1st levels of preventive maintenance, maintenance line QRQCs.
  • Control regularly genba equipment performance (including cycle time measurements, and microstoppages observation sessions), and react.
  • Make regularly time-measurements with main MUDA seeking as per KOSU implementation guide.
  • Ensure that all displays of his/her perimeter (QCDM by APT, QCDM & communication areas at APZ level) are updated at end of shift, and make sure that workers have necessary material to do so.

Manage production

  • Propose every week APZ headcounts & organization to the APU Manager, according to MPS.
  • Ensure production, respecting SQCDM & inventory targets.
  • In case a detected problem cannot be solved by the APT, assign and check containment and corrective actions with APU support functions and / or management.
  • Review daily all QRAP of his/her perimeter.
  • React in case of issue & escalate issues at APU level when needed.
  • Liaise with Supply Chain team on MPS daily priorities.
  • Respect daily the MPS contract.
  • In case of daily MPS respect deviation, take necessary measures within the week, after validation by APU Manager, to have respected weekly MPS at end of the week.
  • Get involvement of support functions every time necessary to solve as fast as possible the issues identified by APTs.
  • Monitor shift QCDM and ensures QCDM boards are updated.
  • Make reports defined by site.

Manage Continuous Improvement

  • Lead action plans to improve SQCDM performance (actual and targets), in coherence with APU & Plant, including productivity plans (P-30).
  • Reach and maintain a dynamic and efficient Proposals of Improvements system.
  • Participate to safety and environment risks reduction & lead line Safety QRQC for cat. 7 safety issues.
  • Contribute to new equipment and processes start ups.
  • Lead Zoning evolution and improvements by his/her team.
  • Participate to APU QRQC: Quality, DL efficiency, Maintenance, prepare and come with necessary data for an efficient attendance.
  • Pilot PDCA / FTA & Maintenance 5 WHYs on topics assigned by APU Manager (Safety, Quality, KOSU-DL efficiency, Maintenance).
  • Prepare LLC & Kaizen Cards.
  • Lead VPS workshops (flow analysis – MUDA hunting, 5S, Hoshin, TPM …) and liaise with Site VPS Manager for training to methodologies; Participate to weekly Site VPS committee, presenting regularly genba the status of workshops he/she is leading.
  • Liaise with support functions to facilitate improvement actions within the APTs.
  • Participate to budget preparation (headcounts, overheads, investments, P-30) and manage the budget of his/her APZ.
  • Promote the Valeo 5 axes in daily activities, develop improvement plan on VPS, IP, TQ and reach assigned V5000 targets.

Education: Engineering degree or Experience

Bachelor degree or equivalent

Work Experience

6 years above in Production

2 Years Above Management Experience

Language: Basic English level

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1CL Interior Smart Devices




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