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Principal Sales Specialist

Posted 2 months ago
Application ends: October 26, 2021
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Job Description


  • 确认和获取相关产品的销售机会,来确保WCHC业务在终端市场的发展机会以达到公司短期和长期的业务目标
  • 挖掘并协助经销商渠道市场推广以加快WCHC在终端市场的销售增长
  • Identify and obtain sales opportunities for related products to ensure WCHC business development opportunities in end markets to achieve the company’s short and long term business objectives
  • Develop and assist dealer channel marketing to accelerate WCHC’s sales growth in end market


  • 负责WCHC相关产品在粤西、香港、台湾地区的销售,根据制定的业绩目标做好任务的分解,完成指标以及回款工作
  • 主动开发新客户,及时汇总和整理正在跟进的项目信息。完成业务的洽谈、采购/投标流程、签订合同等一些列业务节点跟进
  • 开发经销商网络,做好渠道建设,管理及维护销售渠道
  • 熟练掌握产品知识,定期拜访区域高端客户,建立长期稳定的客户关系,并及时了解行业态势,区域内的竞品动态,上报上级
  • 跨部门合作,为客户提供整体解决方案,包括紧急情况的处理
  • Responsible for the sales of WCHC related products inWest of Guangdong、Hongkong、Taiwan decomposed the tasks according to the established performance targets, completed the targets and collected the payment.
  • Proactively develop new customers, timely collect and organize the project information being followed up. Complete business negotiation, procurement/bidding process, contract signing and other business node follow-up
  • Develop dealer network, build channels, manage and maintain sales channels
  • Skilled in product knowledge, regularly visited high-end customers in the region, established long-term and stable customer relations, and kept informed of industry trends and competitive product dynamics in the region
  • Collaborate across departments to provide customers with overall solutions, including emergency response


  • 医学/生命科学相关专业本科学历
  • 5年以上销售工作经验,同时拥有渠道开发及管理经验优先
  • 体外诊断行业经验,熟悉妇幼相关领域优先
  • 具有产品和市场推广的专业知识
  • Bachelor’s degree in Medicine/Life Science
  • More than 3 years sales experience, channel development and management experience is preferred
  • Experience in in vitro diagnostic industry, familiar with maternal and child related fields is preferred
  • Expertise in product and marketing