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Product Specialist, Tianhemeilin

Posted 2 months ago
Application ends: October 28, 2021
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Job Description


  • Manage the customer’s Tesla experience in the most positive way. Welcome all walk in guests, answer questions and enthusiastically educate all customers and fans about the benefits of going electric, generally publicize going electric knowledge.
  • Responsible for collecting qualified customer information, assist market events, explore customer needs, stimulate customer demand, cooperate with Owner Advisor to meet store’s sales target.
  • Provide high quality service to existing Tesla owner community.
  • Help Tesla enthusiasts and future owners stay up to speed with Tesla by promoting company’s updated news.
  • Employee must learn about the company and products related knowledge, keep up with industry trends and best practices
  • Develop amazing customer relationships on the sales floor and during test-drive experiences to ultimately create a brand experience customers will recommend to their friends.
  • Competency certification, Probation Review, otherwise he or she will not be able to meet the full time employee’s requirement.
  • Communicate with the external clients and partners in a professional way, and also ensure effective communication and great cooperation with internal colleagues (Among same and different function/ store/region).
  • Keep inventory full and neat (if applicable).
  • Other Responsibilities: Perform other related duties as assigned, based on the business need.


  • Fresh graduate or 1-2 years’ work experience in retail, industry and key account sales with proven track record to meet or exceed targets and goals.
  • Highly appreciate Company culture and value.
  • Strong communication and customer service experience required.
  • Exceptional self-management and self-learning ability.
  • Positive, enthusiastic and passionate about the changes in the personal transportation industry.
  • Ability to understand and convey business issues and technical concepts.
  • Strong sense of team mentality and reliability.
  • Ability to work evenings and weekends in retail environment. Retail, industry and key account sales experience preferred.
  • During the probationary period, including not limited to transfer, promotion, etc., are not considered to pass the probationary period and the employee is required to pass the probationary period.
  • Valid driver’s license with a clean driving history and proficient driving skills.


  • 保证最佳客户体验:接待所有进店客人,回答问题,热情地为客户和特斯拉粉丝介绍电动汽车的优点,普及电动车知识。
  • 通过良好的沟通,帮助特斯拉爱好者及未来车主更好地了解公司动态,明确特斯拉的发展前景并鼓励顾客试驾,并通过良好的试驾体验使潜在客户向亲朋好友宣传特斯拉。
  • 收集潜在客户,参加市场活动,探索客户购买需求、激发客户需求,配合销售主管完成门店的销售目标。
  • 对现有特斯拉车主提供高质量客户服务。
  • 沟通最新公司讯息,帮助特斯拉爱好者及未来车主更好地了解公司动态。
  • 认真学习了解公司及产品的相关知识,及时了解最新行业发展和最佳实践。
  • 建立良好的客户关系,并在试驾过程中提供完美的客户体验使潜在客户向亲朋好友传递良好特斯拉口碑。
  • 通过公司安排的内部测试,包括但不限于课程培训及测试、驾驶技术测试、店内测试、角色扮演、能力认证、试用期评估等,以达到正式员工的标准和要求。
  • 和外部客户、外部人员,保持清晰、准确、职业、礼貌的沟通, 和内部同事保持良好的沟通和团队协作(包括同部门、跨部门;同门店、跨门店;同地区、跨地区之间)。
  • 保持库存充足和整洁(如适用)。
  • 员工在试用期期间发生的任何职位变更,包括并不限于调岗、晋升等,均不可视为通过试用期,员工需要通过试用期评估。
  • 其他职责:根据业务发展需要,完成管理层指定的其他工作。


  • 应届毕业生或1到2年零售、行业销售、以及大客户销售经验或服务经验;
  • 对企业文化高度认可。
  • 出色的沟通能力和客户服务意识。
  • 良好的自我管理能力及自我学习能力,积极热情地参与改变个人交通行业的变革。
  • 深刻理解并传递业务问题和技术概念。
  • 优秀的团队意识,是可靠的团队成员。
  • 能够接受零售业的工作时间,需要晚上和周末工作;有销售经验优先。
  • 持有有效中国驾照,熟练驾驶,且无不良行驶记录。