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Quality Assurance Manager-纸业

Posted 1 month ago
Application ends: November 6, 2021
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Job Description



  • The Quality Assurance Manager will set and drive quality processes and standards that enable us to upgrade the quality performance of our factory base:
  • Consistent development and execution of improvement projects that deliver enhanced standards, knowledge & results.
  • Demonstration of success through meaningful KPI reporting
  • Add to our internal know-how by sharing expertise through peer development, CHT training, guru publications and focussed reporting.

12 month goal

  • You’ve raised the quality performance of our China factories by implementing consistent standards
  • You have built solid and comprehensive quality systems and standards and embedded them into the factory mindset
  • You have published the end-to-end quality management SOP for our operations in China and our teams and factories are maintaining compliance against our procedures
  • You have liaised effectively with internal and external testing partners to unify our lab testing standards and results
  • You have documented our quality standards so that our factories understand what we expect and require; as a result of this, our factories are consistently producing to a higher quality standard while owning their results and progress.
  • You have measurably increased the skills level of our China quality team and they are excited and energised about our progress!
  • You’ve designed and managed successful factory improvement projects to completion:
  • You’ve analyzed and translated data into clearly defined action points and projects for our factories; you have managed each project through to completion and can readily demonstrate material improvement in the quality of our products as a result of your actions, using assessment data points to support your claims: in-line, AQL, NPS and Zendesk.
  • You have recommended & managed the right projects with the right suppliers to ensure maximum positive impact from available resources
  • We consistently meet and exceed our quality project milestones.
  • You have added to our company knowledge base for quality and supported CHT with training and Guru cards
  • You have contributed to our factory auditing process and conducted training in ethical compliance for our freelance friends, who in turn are using their eyes and ears to support our ethical manufacture program
  • You have contributed to the development and refinement of product specifications and testing standards
  • Our Quality Reporting is relevant and meaningful
  • You have designed monthly reporting to illustrate KPI achievement, measure performance and inform quality control resource allocation
  • Our monthly quality reporting is clear, consistent and relevant; You have improved the format, frequency and outcomes of our quality reporting so that improvements and challenges are clearly called out and actively addressed for internal and external teams
  • You make an active contribution to supplier scorecards
  • Using our quality reporting, you can readily demonstrate achievements via improved results within our quality assessment data points: in-line, AQL, NPS and Zendesk.

What amazing looks like

  • Our customers are consistently DELIGHTED with the quality of our products! Your positive impact is reflected in increased customer retention metrics including reduction in tickets/1000
  • Our factories have achieved food-grade standards for hygiene!
  • Our factories are actively competing for quality greatness and fully understand the role that it plays in maintaining business levels!
  • Our company becomes the case study in quality standards all over the world!

Team: Production Supply Chain

Team Mission

To manufacture delightful products which are good for the world and good for people. We optimise our impact through good influence, scaling for growth, delivering cost savings, ensuring great quality, delivering on-time and expanding our product offer.

How role contributes to the team success

Waving the Quality Assurance flag to the highest standards

  • Setting and tracking of OKRs for QA
  • Solve problems within factories, supplier partners, Production and Supply teams
  • Provide the QA lens and voice with internal and external stakeholders
  • Ensure functional expertise and knowledge is shared across the business
  • Integrate and align QA activity and priorities with all functions across the business

Strategic focus

  • Execute on the annual plan and strategy (immediate to 1 year view)
  • Develop quarterly functional plans that ladder up to our annual plan
  • Responsible for the execution of strategy against plans
  • Build and maintain supplier scorecards, critical path management, and production roadmaps to demonstrate the pathway to the future
  • Identify and implement the right tools, process and techniques to keep us moving
  • Input and provide recommendations to Exec team on longer-term planning strategy

Contributing to shared knowledge across our teams, company and audiences

  • You have increased the skill level of our China quality team and they are excited and energised about our progress
  • You have played a role in our ethical compliance program and can support questions & suggestions from factories
  • You have actively supported learning and development for QC Technician & Freelance Friends
  • You have invested quality time in upskilling CHT on our product quality, components and compositions– there are clear guru cards for key customer query categories
  • You provide accurate and appropriate feedback to CHT on hard-to-explain quality topics: you match the message to the audience to drive out clarity and report progress
  • Our freelance friends are using their eyes and ears to support our ethical manufacture program