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Posted 2 months ago
Application ends: October 26, 2021
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Job Description

BeiGene continues to grow at a rapid pace with challenging and exciting opportunities for experienced professionals. When considering candidates, we look for scientific and business professionals who are highly motivated, collaborative, and most importantly, share our passionate interest in fighting cancer.

Job Description


  • 负责在指定的治疗领域和区域内开展日常拜访及宣传推广工作;
  • 配合完成各类学术会议,提高公司产品的市场份额;
  • 专业化的推广,为公司营造良好的学术氛围;
  • 及时收集并反馈客户信息和市场情况,了解最新的行业动态、产品知识;

Qualification Required


  • 全日制大专及本科2022 届毕业生
  • 专业不限,医学、药学、生物、化学等相关专业优先
  • 学习能力强,抗压力强,良好的人际沟通能力,愿意接受挑战和变化
  • 每周确保3天以上实习

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