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Senior Chemical Engineer

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Application ends: November 4, 2021
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Job Description

Ensure product compliance of chemical legislations and Elux internal requirements.

Principal Responsibilities主要的工作职责

Ensure that Electrolux groups products are safe to use and meet internal Electrolux chemical compliance
requirements as well as legal requirements and other external requirements e.g. customer requirements.
Ensure that reports and other compliance documents are stored in accordance with the internal
requirements in our internal systems (HUP database, Eco@Web etc..).
Take the lead in the areaof food contact including Good Manufacturing Practice, to ensure that we have the
correct process in place and that our suppliers meets the internal as well as regulatory requirments in this area.
Support local BAs once needed.
Main contact with external test houses for chemical compliance.
Review, verify and approve reports and compliance documents to ensure that they meet the requirements.
Collaboration skills and used to work in cross functional teams including suppliers to communicate and
explain requirements to help they can meet the chemical legislations and Elux internal requirements.
Conduct supplier audit within the area of chemical compliance and food contact.
Join the project team during the new products development to ensure the compliance of Electrolux internal
requirements, chemical and food contact regulations.
Maintain documentation of Electrolux groups products to ensure that the product meets the latest requirements
throughout its whole life cycle as well and provide suggestions and solutions of chemical compliance.
Good structure and well organized, have the ability to plan the workday independely to ensure timely and
professional manner, to be able to deliver product on time that meets the expected costs and quality requirements.
Work according to well defined process and have the ablity to continously propose improvements of the process.
Regularly report to the line manager & functional manager for the working content.
Other tasks assigned by the line manager & functional manager.

Minimum Qualification

Educational Background / Professional Qualification Requirement 学历/专业资格要求
Hold a master’s degree in chemical engineering or equivalent
Work Experience Requirement 工作经验要求
Have at least 10 years of practical experience of securing chemical compliance (RoHS, REACH, POP, etc)
for household appliances in an international company
Have at least 10 years’ experience of working in the area of EU food contact regulation for household
Have experience of conducting audits of supplier within the area of food contact and GMP
Competence in US FDA regulation is a merit
Good knowledge of IT especially MS-office and excel

Skill/Competence Requirement主要技能要求
Practical experience within EU chemical regulations
Expert in EU food contact regulations and GMP
Knowledge about US food contact regulations
Lead auditor experience of conducting audits in the above areas

  • Analytical skills & strong communication abilities

Advanced English level on both written and verbal
Good knowledge of IT especially MS-office and excel

Personal Characteristics Requirement 性格特征要求
Open minded, eager to learn and develop your skills
Accurate and have high quality of your deliverables, pay attention to details
Result driven, with strong organization skills and ability to coordinate and prioritize different tasks/projects
at the same time and constantly deliver in time
Collaborative skills, build networks, trust, share knowledge and educate colleagues
Problem solver
Strategic and critical thinker
Strong sense of responsibility
Good at thinking

Language ability Requirement 语言能力要求
Computer literacy Requirement 电脑知识要求
WINDOWS system
OFFICE Software (especially good at Excel)

Prepared to travel domestic and international

Key Interfaces (Internal / external)
• Electrolux Wellbeing & SDA – Core Technology & Verification
• Electrolux Wellbeing & SDA – Project Office
• Electrolux Wellbeing & SDA – Product Architecture
• Electrolux Wellbeing & SDA – Advanced Development
• Electrolux Wellbeing & SDA – Tooling Team
• Electrolux Wellbeing & SDA – Marketing Department
• Electrolux Wellbeing & SDA – Quality Department
• Electrolux Wellbeing & SDA – Sourcing Department
• Electrolux Wellbeing & SDA – Purchasing Department
• Electrolux Major Appliances
• Electrolux Global Design Center
• Technical Consultants
• Production / Suppliers
• Prototype Work-shops
• Universities
• Agencies